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Wednesday 3/18/20 6:30pm-8:30pm

How can you become a student at NYC Movement Co?

Our Intro to Movement class will give you an idea of how and what we teach and how you can expect to develop as our student. 

This class is your entry to our community.

Cost of class applied to first month of a consecutive month membership; Offer expires 1-Month from class date.

Please register in advance through the embedded calendar.  


NYC Classes Taught by Ido Portal Mentorship Students

NYC Movement Co offers movement sessions based on the work of Ido Portal. We are a school more than a gym; we teach only 10 students at a time, most of whom are members who pay monthly tuition. We guide our students through a practice that contains elements of martial arts, somatics, object manipulation, dance, and acrobatics. Expect to learn hand balancing skills, work on gymnastics rings, learn floor locomotion, play with tennis balls, work with a partner, to name a few of the physical challenges. We are beholden to no discipline; we train movement with a non-specialized approach. Movement sessions are adaptable to all levels of experience and skill. Come, be part of our culture!  


Please Click on the Calendar Below to View Schedule and Register for Classes. 

  • New Students Must Attend an Intro Class or Private Session Prior to Membership. Please use the Email Contact Form Below for Further Inquiry

  • Membership Includes Unlimited Classes and Independent Study

  • All Sessions are All Levels

  • 120 Minute Sessions are General Movement Sessions that have Bent Arm Strength, Straight Arm Strength, and Leg Strength Components. 

  • 1 Hour Sessions Focus on Movement Patterns/Skills, Locomotion, Spine Mobility, Inversions. Teacher Discretion.

  • Independent Study is Available for Members Only

Ido Portal Mentorship Students NYC

Frank Powers and Rose Ann Serpico are Ido Portal mentorship students who are developing a community of movers at NYC Movement Co. They have a diverse movement perspective developed from a history of multiple physical disciplines, dance, and sports. As Ido's Mentorship students they meet a few times a year with Ido and a unique group of practitioners. They use Ido's no-nonsense approach to successfully train movement patterns and develop strong, coordinated bodies.

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Location: 119 West 23rd St, Suite 400, New York, New York 10011

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